Anode Cathode Oven

Uniformity/Temp. accuracy ±5 degC.
Temp. range Ref.
Type of material Battery cell
Door sealing Self-weight /cylinder operated
Skin temp Ambient +25 degC

Such ovens were used in battery production industries for cell binding process.
  • • For pre heating of billets and ingots forging furnaces are used
  • • The temperature maintained inside these furnaces is around 550 to 900 °c
  • • An open fireplace system is used through which most of the heat is transmitted via radiation.
  • • The Furnace operate around 16 to 18 hours a day, capacity can be vary from 250 Kg to 10 Ton per batch.
  • • The Operational time cycle in forging furnace is divided into Heat up Time, Soaking Time and Forging Time.
  • • The Consumption of fuel depends upon type of feed and number of reheat required.
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