Bell Type Furnace

A batch-operated heat-treatment furnace in which products are heated under a movable dome. It is used for heat treatment of sheet and light-section rolled products in a controlled gaseous medium. Bell furnaces are classified according to use (treatment of coils of narrow strip, sheets, rods, and so on).

  • o Bell Annealing is a type of annealing that derives its name from the shape of the furnace used during the process.
  • o Bell Annealing Heats Batches of metal which are placed on a base assembly, enclosed in inner cover, and covering by furnace body.
  • o When the furnace is suspended from the crane it looks like Bell.
  • o The base assembly is the source of convection and the main method of heat transfer to charge.

Attractive Features:

  • • Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  • • Consistent product quality
  • • Good production rates
  • • Low operating costs
  • • Efficient use of furnace asset by cooling with inner cover
  • • Saving in shop Floor space requiring less capital investment and reducing material handling
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