Sintering Furnace

Output capacity range: 100 kg/hr. to 2000 kg/hr.
Uniformity/Temp. accuracy ±5 degC.
Temp. range As per product
Quench delay 15 to 20 sec
Door sealing Self-weight /cylinder operated
Skin temp Ambient +25 degC

Sintering is the process of fusing particles together into one solid mass by using a combination of pressure and heat without melting the materials. Common particles that are sintered together include metal, ceramic, plastic, and other various materials.

For pure metal solid solutions, the sintering temperature is 2/3 – 3/4 Tm. For example, the sintering of Fe takes place at 1000 °C–1200 °C, and for Cu at 700 °C–900 °C.

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